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Juan Nunez

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Rich Mendoza

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Benito Vaca

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Dominic Castillo

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William Radilla

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Jose Curillo

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Abram Blanco


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Abel Mendoza

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Get To Know Us

At Michael Angelo Custom Painting, we are proud to offer quality service, fair prices, and painters you can truly trust. From custom home painting projects to commercial painting, we treat all our clients like family.

Our licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced painters are here to help with all your painting needs. From our initial color consultation to the last swipe of paint on the wall, we work hard to ensure your interior or exterior paint project is completed with care.

We serve Fresno, Clovis and the surrounding areas, and are proud to be recognized by Angie's List, HomeAdvisor, and more.

We welcome you to explore our services and read some of our past customer reviews to learn why you should choose Michael Angelo Custom Painting for your painting needs.


The 5 P’s - Our Core Commitments

1. Punctual and Professional- Our staff has been trained to arrive at your property at a designated time that you are comfortable with and is agreed upon before the project begins. Our professional painters are trained to let you know if there are unforeseen circumstances that they may delay the arrival. The professionals will greet you with a smile and have positive attitude throughout the entire project. We like to keep our customers happy and do our best to stick to our schedule.

2. Progress Communication- Our process to perform the work will be communicated to you each step of the project. We gave begun to utilitze a software program that will communicate via text or email from the initial scheduled bid to the start of your project.

We like to keep our customers in on the progress to make sure we are all on the same page. We have process of painting that begins with good prep work, professional painting and ends with a finished product that you will be happy with.

3. Pristine Work Area- Professional painting should have a clean work area. We do our best to insure we cover your flooring, furniture, shrubs, bushes and fixtures etc. that are not getting painted. The goal is to make sure the paint goes where it is meant to and the remainder of the areas are kept clean. Proper cleanup is important part of our trade and it is vital part of our process.

4. Premium Coating Guarantee- We like to use premium grade paint products. The premium grade will give a professional finish that is built provide exceptional hide, durability, and performance. We do no like to cut corners the coverage is important. That is why we use premium grade in our experience it provides you with the best coverage. We recognize this is an investment and we want to use products that will match the desired finish.

5. Price Guarantee- We have listened to our customers about how important the budget is and how this purchase will impact the investment. We will not add any additional cost to our estimate for the agreed upon scope. The only thing that will change the estimation is there is a change to the scope. We promise the quote we provide will be what you pay for the project.